CPU-Z: A quick look on the SoC your PC is having.

Well, my PC is on AMD but your Laptop is on Intel!


CPU-Z is a freeware application which can gather show information about:

  • Processor and its related things such as cache levels, codename and many other things.
  • Mainboard (motherboard) and chipset
  • Memory type (RAM) and other tech. info about it.
  • Real time CPU core measurement so that you can assess what’s going on with your CPU.

Let’s Start

After installing, when you run the CPU-Z application you see the main screen with different tabs.

The very first tab is CPU, it is about the CPU used in your motherboard. For instance, it gives quick information about what name it has, its code name, what socket it is based on, technology used, family, clocks in one box and cache in the other.

Alternatively you can check each core’s internal frequency too from tools> clocks.

The second tab is Caches. It shows information about caches present in your CPU, whether it has only L1 or L1 and L2 or L1, L3 and L3 Caches and so on.

The third very tab is the Mainboard. Yes, the motherboard and BIOS and the Graphic’s interface information. Pretty self-explanatory!

The next tab we have is Memory. It has the information about RAM technology present on your system.

The next tab is SPD (abbreviation for Serial presence detect). It shows more information about the RAM.

The next is the Graphics tab. Though it might not show you all of your GPUs but can give you a brief idea about the primary GPU. (Use GPU-Z to know about the GPU you’re on)

The second last tab is Bench where you could bench and stress your CPU and compare it online.

The last tab is About. It gives you brief info about CPU-Z and Windows version you’re on. There is few more tools listed in the Tools box.

CPU-Z Official Website: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

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