Enable 3G/WCDMA or 4G/LTE only mode on Xiaomi Phones

We all know that Xiaomi Phones has some messed up settings options when it comes to Network Settings. We often see that there are only 3 option to choose from in Network Settings namely: (1) 2G only(saves battery) (2) Prefer 3G (3) Prefer LTE.

And the problem with ourselves is that we sometimes need to connect to a single network that is either 3G or 4G LTE to ensure that it doesn’t switch back to 3G when on 4G and to 4G when on 3G.ss-1

To solve this problem, there is a hidden settings present in the MIUI eco-system. It is present inside the “About Phone” section.

Let’s do this!

1). Open Settings and go to “About Phone


2). Then tap on “Internal Storage” 5 times and it will open phone info testing menu.


3) Select the “Phone information” 1 for SIM no.1 and 2 for SIM no.2 (Please note only one phone can be on 3G or 4G LTE only mode at once.)


4) Scroll down¬† and you will see a dropdown like menu saying “set preferred network type:“. Choose LTE only for 4G LTE or WCDMA only for 3G only network mode.

And that’s it. It will catch the nearest network but you can also manually search for networks if your SIM doesn’t connect to any network. (Settings > Mobile Networks > Cellular networks > search.)

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