Get VoLTE(+ Android v5.x) on Redmi 2 (1GB/8GB) by using a customized Redmi 2 Prime ROM.

Basic Requirements:

  • Knowledge of flashing recoveries through fastboot and ROMs through recovery.
  • A Laptop/PC with Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10.
  • Internet Bandwidth to download ROM(s) and Recovery. (A minimum of 2GB)


(Excerpt taken from )

Redmi 2 Prime and Redmi 2 are being differently treated by Xiaomi/miui developers in terms of the software side.

Redmi 2 Prime(2GB/16GB) in on Lollipop version of android(MIUI v7.5.3/v8.0.7 on the top of it) right now which supports VoLTE officially.

Redmi 2 is still on the kitkat version with MIUI v8.0.2.0 which still doesn’t have the volte feature available(not even the developer BETA ROMs have it).

Potential solution:

  1. You can either flash/fastboot the Redmi 2 prime ROM on the redmi 2. But it works horribly slow with it.
  2. A developer/user at xda has customized the redmi 2 prime rom for the redmi 2 and that ROM does have the volte feature + you will be enjoying the lollipop version of android on your Redmi 2 without any problem – I have used it and it works great. 

 Original Thread of that ROM is

Let’s Start

 Files to Download:

1) TWRP for wt88047 (Redmi 2’s codename)

2) Latest ROM

 wt88047 THUNDER MiUi8-6.10.20…

* The ROM I am using

Current known bugs/problems:

  1. Speaker will get a bump (low quality audio)
  2. Slow charging (I don’t know about the latest ROM’s status about this issue).


Note:  You might need to flash the fastboot ROM of Redmi 2 Prime (v7.5.x or v8.0.x) if you are coming from any Redmi 2 custom ROM.

STEP 0.1: [Flashing the fastboot ROM of Redmi 2 Prime]
Please keep this in mind that you are going to lose all of your files kept in the internal storage.
You will need to download the latest Global Stable fastboot rom file (
I will NOT copy paste the whole steps, so to know how to flash the ROM visit MIUI Method 3: Fastboot Update.
[This method is not required if you are already using the Redmi 2 Prime STOCK ROM on your Redmi 2 however some users have reported that the VoLTE functionality not working without this process]

STEP 1: [Lets flash the TWRP Recovery]

  • Enter Fastboot mode –Turn off the device. Press the Volume– key and the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode. Then connect the device to the Windows PC/laptop via a micro USB cable.
  • Extract the zip file of then you will find a batch file> run it. This will flash the twrp recovery and your device will enter the recovery mode. (If it doesn’t then press volume up, volume down and power/lock key all together till it boots into recovery)

STEP 2: [Lets flash the THUNDER ROM v5.x MIUI v6.10.x]

  • You will have to wipe data and system from wipe option. Wipe> advanced wipe > tick: dalvik, cache, data, system> done.
  • Then flash the THUNDER ROM from Install option. Install > {locate the file} > Done > Reboot when done.

Now you have flashed the ROM, the first boot will take anywhere around 5-10 minutes. If your phone goes bootloop then flash the rom again.

3 thoughts on “Get VoLTE(+ Android v5.x) on Redmi 2 (1GB/8GB) by using a customized Redmi 2 Prime ROM.

  • December 15, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    I am using miui 9.2.5, v5.1 on redmi 2 (1gb variant) I tried to flash latest version ( miui thunder 8.6.10) given by you but failed what should I do now?

  • December 15, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    So I request you to reply as soon as possible


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