Memory Card/ Pendrive showing No space/ unallocated space/ wrong space? Get those space back.

This blog will tell you about how can we get back the unallocated space present on the wrongly formatted flash/memory drive.

This fix includes hard reset and you will lose all your data present on your memory card/pen drive.

This fix will fix:

  • A memory card/ Pendrive showing wrong memory space.
  • Any memory card/ Pendrive showing no memory space.
  • A memory card/ Pendrive not showing anything. (exceptions included)

We will be working on the command prompt so be careful. First we will open a disk partition tool.

  1. Run Command Prompt (Windows Hash Key + R > diskpart)
  2. Then on the diskpart command prompt window type list disk and press enter.
  3. Now it will show a list of disk available/connected to the computer.
  4. Then locate your memory card/ Pendrive, (In our case it was 3750mb disk 1).
  5. To select it just type select disk 1 and hit enter[It will show that the disk 1 is now selected].
  6. Now simply type clean and exit (close disk part) after successful confirmation.

Now we have cleaned the memory space in the memory card/ Pendrive. We need to create a partition and format it to start using it(We could have used the diskpart to do the same but that way will not be as easy as the way we are going to do so).

  1.  Open Disk Management   [type diskmgmt.msc in run(Windows Hash Key + R) and hit enter].
  2.   Right – Click on the Drive which is showing the unallocated space.
  3.  Now simply click on New Simple Volume . Then click Next ,
  4.  Click Next one more time.
  5.  Then Assign a Drive Letter and Select FAT or FAT32. (we recommend to use FAT32 for memory cards.)
  6.  Now perform a  Quick Format and you’re done.

[Check video for more information on how to do it!]

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