No/Lost/Turned OFF MTP/PTP mode on your Xiaomi Redmi/Note/Mi Device?

[This bug was found fixed on MIUI(8) dev (beta) v6.9.29]

Have you ever turned the MTP mode off by mistake? Well, Now we have a solution which doesn’t even require any third-party softwares to be installed on your Xiaomi MIUI Device.

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  • No MTP mode on Xiaomi?
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[This method was tried on Redmi 2 with MIUI 8 and should work through most redmi devices]

Supported Devices:

  • All Redmi Phones with MIUI6/7/8
  • Some Note Series Phones with MIUI6/7/8
  • All Mi series Phones  with MIUI6/7/8

  • This is how a MTP notification looks like.


  • Suppose you turned off the MTP mode and plugged out the USB.


  • You will get no MTP option again when you connect it to PC/Media device :(.


  • Don’t panic, we have a trick for you to get it back. 

[Keep your device connected to PC/Media device.]

  • Simple go to Settings > About Phone and Tap MIUI Version  ~7 times. 


  • Then scroll back to main settings area (or hit settings again from the notification shade) > additional settings > Developers Options
  • Now Turn the USB Debugging ON 


  • You will be prompt to confirm your choice. > Touch OK.


  • The moment you touch OK, the pop up for USB connection will Pop up.
  • Now simply tap on it or 


  • Or tap on it from the notification shade and you will get to the Media Connection MODE (which you had lost)


  • Now Happily tap to turn ON the MTP mode and Exit.


  • You can go to Developers options and turn off the USB debugging if you want or even turn OFF the developers option.

  • Now you know how to turn ON the MTP Mode again if you turned it OFF by mistake.

One thought on “No/Lost/Turned OFF MTP/PTP mode on your Xiaomi Redmi/Note/Mi Device?

  • January 28, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    I can’t believe all that nonsense worked! Thanks, dude.


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