Out of RAM ? This RAM Optimizer will help!

Sometimes, we are out of RAM!

We all use our laptops and computer to the extreme and thus sometimes we are out of RAM at times. What to do when you are in that situation ? Seems like A restart will help ?  Probably Closing Application will ? No! You don’t want to lose the work you’ve been doing. So what now ?

Well, this blog is ultimately about that only and Wise Memory Optimizer can help in this scenario.

After installing and running the app, you are greeted with this box showing your current amount of RAM being used and free followed by total amount at the bottom.

After you hit Optimize, it will start its optimization process.

Once it reaches its peak it will show you the approximate amount of RAM it freed however the amount is just a number, you can notice the difference.


First of all, It freed around 700MB of RAM in just one click. This is probably the most efficient and windows friendly way to quickly get rid of useless RAM space. The application is also very stable so you won’t lose any data.
Moreover there are few other automatic options too like:-

  • Run with windows at start-up
  • Clear clipboard while optimizing
  • Auto optimization
  • and update check


Wise Memory Optimizer : https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-memory-optimizer.html. If you want to know about your PC you can check our other blogs.


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