Overclock your AMD GPU via AMD Radeon OverDrive

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First of all please note that every card does not support the overclocking. Get AMD’s RADEON Drivers.

This post will tell you about how one can overclock his/her AMD Graphics Card(but not every card will show this option) and get the most out of it.

Let’s Start

Lauch the Radeon Settings. You’ll see the settings screen. Open/Click on Gaming.

When you’re inside Gaming settings it will show you a list of games you’ve installed on your system. It allows you to quickly select, change and optimize every game on the basis of requirements. We will move ahead by clicking the Global settings from the left.

Here you will see all your Graphics Card and the options available to customized them. I am on a system with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics with a Radeon HD 8500M coupled up. The overdrive is only available for the dedicated 8500M card. Let’s get to it and see what’s inside!

You will see a warning to accept any terms and condition and clicking on accept will unveil the screen where all your GPU clocks. Manually raise the clocks to max and power to max and hit apply.

Hit apply and finally you have overclocked your GPU!

The overclocked frequency will most probably result in heating. And it will decrease your performance if you don’t keep it cool.

To check the clock frequency you will need an application which can assess GPU information, GPU-Z is one.

If you want to  set your default clocks back, hit reset and it will automatically switch all clocks and power option to its default values. In most cases it will set it to default but if it doesn’t then please close and re-open the settings.

Maybe If you want to know more about your GPU, you might check our blog about GPU-Z: https://technicalbeast.com/gpu-z-simple-way-to-see-information-about-your-gpu/

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