GPU-Z: See Information About your Graphic Card

A must for the Gamers!

GPU-Z Overview

GPU-Z is a very simple utility that is designed to give you information about your graphics and all related details.

Let’s Start

First of all Download GPU-Z. After downloading and running it for the first time, it asks if you want to install it or rather use it as portable standalone utility. I will rather suggest to opt for portable standalone option.

After installing/selecting the portable option,  it will open the GPU-Z straight away. It will give you details about the primary GPU your systems has.


You switch your GPU from the drop down menu to the bottom and you will find the other GPU(if you have).


Moving to second tab is the Sensors and it shows you the information that sensors on the GPU is sending.

gpu-z3 gpu-z4


Lastly we have the Advanced tab and it gives detailed info about each of the GPUs present on your system.


Sometimes when you overclock your GPU, this application can help monitor your GPU behavior as suggested in our overclock blog about AMD GPU.

To download GPU-Z and know about GPU-Z, visit the official GPU-Z website:

Please note that sometimes there might be a mistake in displaying information about newer graphics card. Be sure to download and update the GPU-Z to the latest version for updated information. This blog on or video on our YouTube channel was not sponsored by GPU-Z. This blog is just to provide you with valuable information you need.

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